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MiraclesOne in an all-volunteer ministry virtual center that offers free and affordable resources to assist students in their study and practice of A Course in Miracles. 

At MiracleOne, the focus is always on practical application of ACIM, that is, learning to live it in our every day lives. We encourage the strengthening of the connection with our Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit. We are equal partners with you in this journey to Awakening. Together, we created a world-wide community of ACIM students who join together to support each other and grow in their awareness of the Loving Presence within.
MiraclesOne is a community, a place to belong while we are “not at Home.”

Be sure to explore our entire site to find what you could use to assist you on your journey.


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Let’s be frank. This is a volunteer ministry. All of our ministers, facilitators and others are volunteers. They put time into creating programs and classes and events, they answer questions and phone calls, they edit videos and audios, they pay the bills and expenses that arise each month. They serve because they feel guided to do so. Would you believe we are a staff of less than a handful?

Your donation matters. It matters a lot. Your donations are needed and appreciated. So please give as you are spiritually fed by what we offer you.