Why Give or Tithe?

MiraclesOne is an all-volunteer run ministry. Your donation helps to support all aspects of our ministry from: rent for our office and chapel, to internet, to hosting services for our media, website hosting, utilities, Sunday streaming video services,  to other typical expenses of any ministry. Our expenses are year-round. The best way you can share your appreciation for all we offer to you is by making a monthly pledge of support.

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Monthly Support Levels 

Donation with $5 – $10 – $15 – $25 – $50 – $75 – $100 – $150 – $200 a month

  •  Be an ANGEL and adopt our Center and help us meet our monthly rent for our Chapel and Offices. (Pledge $200 or $150 a month)
  •  Help pay our broadcast and media storage fees (Pledge $50 a month)
  •  Assist us in paying our monthly internet bandwidth  or website hosting account (Pledge $75 a month)
  •  Help pay a portion of our phone service (Pledge $75 a month or under)
  •  Help us publish new books and materials (Any pledge level)
  •  Donate because it feels good to give! (Any and all pledge levels)

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Why give or tithe?

The real purpose of tithing is to acknowledge that God is the Source of your good and that you are aware and grateful for the good in your life. It is an exchange for the spiritual food that you receive from us and the affirmation that God is your Source. We thank you for supporting MiraclesOne. We accept your gift with gratitude and appreciation. Please note: We do not turn anyone away from our any of our programs and services, please ask if you need assistance.

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Make a One-Time Donation 

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MiraclesOne 621 N. Sherman Ave. Suites B7/8 Madison, WI 53704